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Halan Lending

Halan offers financing up to 200,000 EGP with a touch of a button without having a bank account and with just your national ID and Commercial Registry and Tax ID.

Halan BNPL

This solution gives the power back to our consumers and enables them to make purchasing decisions right now. We give our customers the trust to Buy Now, Pay Later in monthly installments.

Halan Payments

Our payment solutions are a fast and easy way for our consumers’ needs to be met while providing them a safe and reliable way to make payments.

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All your data is private, secure, and encrypted.

Quick and Easy

Register an account- Await approval in 24 hours. Shop, Pay your bills, apply for a loan!


Smart Fintech solutions directly from your phone


No required paperwork to get you started except for your National ID!

Halan Offers

Halan Vendors

+2500 Vendors on Halan Buy Now Pay Later.

2B Appliances


الكل في واحد للالكترونات Appliances

All in One 

دريم 2000 للموبايلات

Dream 2000

كوب للملابس أخرى


قباني للأثاث المنزلي Funriture

Kabbani Furniture - قباني للأثاث 

اكتف ابو علاء للملابس أخرى

اكتف ابو علاء

تاي هوس للملابس أخرى

Tie House 

الشناوي للموبايلات

El Shenawi

Kids O Toys  أخرى

Kids O Toys 

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Green Microfinance

Due to their low adaptive ability, millions of microfinance clients globally and locally are among the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Hence, starting from 2023, our focus shall be directed towards providing our stakeholders with greater access to green loans and products.

Paperless Financial Operations

By digitizing our loan process through Neuron, we are eliminating approximately hundreds of tons of GHG emissions, which would have resulted from the use of paper in our branches.