The Super App Concept

the super app concept

How it started 

It’s no secret that the future of apps has been vaguely threatened in the last few years. Some marketing experts and tech leaders would anticipate a huge fall, others would deny and assume otherwise. However, what the two parties agreed on was the fact that we’re close to witnessing a huge drop in-app download and usage. The feature of mobile apps is undoubtedly threatened due to the huge number of apps we have nowadays (8.93 million according to RiskIQ)  and the user-related challenges such as limited storage, decreasing demand, and competition. Despite the concerning situation, companies and people wouldn’t stop developing apps. They didn’t know that this was about to change forever in 2010.

What makes a super app, super?
The term “Super” was first introduced in the 2010 Mobile World Congress by Mike Lazaridis, Founder of BlackBerry. The concept, however, was first adopted by WeChat, China’s biggest super app.
To qualify for this term, your app has to be super, and by super I mean the following.
1. User-oriented and Inclusive
Supper apps serve all segments; reaching the 3 main segments demands offline and online activities, this is why omnichannel communication is an absolute must.
2. Native Payment Solution (wallet)
Having a wallet will provide a better experience to users as it facilitates in-app payments and increases the time they spend using the app.
3. Partnering With Successful Businesses
Integrating powerful umbrella apps with your business will contribute to the ultimate goal of a super app; building a digital ecosystem.

Halan Joins the future
4 years ago, you’d only recognize Halan for its promising ride-hailing app. With thousands of three-wheeled vehicles spread across the 27 Egyptian governorates, serving our users every day, it was only logical to take the business to the next super level.
Halan now has 5 different verticals integrated under its ecosystemic umbrella.

Introducing Halan’s Services
Our 5 current verticals serve users of all social classes and contribute to our main objective; making people’s lives easier.

  1. Buy now, pay later
    Purchasing products online is almost never a problem, finding a suitable payment plan, however, is. Halan offers non-banking installment plans for home appliances, electronics, three-wheeled vehicles, furniture, and more. In partnership with Mashroey, the investment counseling firm, we provide installment services with minimum to zero down payment and a simple paperwork process.
  2. Loans
    Micro funds can save and contribute to the success and continuity of small and medium-sized businesses. This is why we have partnered with Tasaheel, the micro-VC firm to support SMEs with funds starting at EGP 3000 and ranging up to EGP 200,000.
  3. Bill Payment
    Instead of the traditional bill payment process which requires being at different places by the end of every month or paying in cash, Halan pay comes to solve it all! Whether you need to pay your mobile phone invoice, utility bills, or even donate to a charity, we have got you covered.
  4. On-Demand Delivery
    Choosing and trusting a transportation service to collect and/or deliver your valuable items is never an easy job. In pursuance of making your day-to-day activities easier, we have introduced Halan’s delivery. Our service enables you to safely send and/or receive anything from anyone, anywhere across the country at a reasonable cost.
  5. Ride-hailing
    Affordable, easily accessible, everyday transportation is what we offer in Halan’s ride-hailing service. We have partnered with thousands of Tuk-tuk and motorbikes drivers across the country to ensure convenience and a satisfactory customer experience that doesn’t compromise safety.

    It doesn’t even end here!
    We’re now working on releasing our 6th vertical to better help our users with their day-to-day activities and tasks. Stay tuned!

    Download our super app now to learn more.

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