The Highest Daily Interest Rate in Egypt, up to 19% annually

You can now save your money with the highest daily interest rate in Egypt, reaching up to 19% annually

No Minimum for opening an account

Open a Halan Savings account with any amount that suits you, no minimum required

No Administrative Fees

Enjoy saving with Halan without any administrative fees

Calculate Your Savings

Using the Halan App, you can calculate your savings and the returns before you start saving

Withdraw Anytime

Feel free to withdraw your money at any time without any fees

Download Halan App now and start securely and easily saving your money

Questions and Answers

How to Open a Halan Savings Account?
    1. - Download Halan App

      - Register Your Information

      - Visit the nearest activation point to sign the agreement

الأسئلة الشائعة

Open a Halan Savings account and watch your money grow in the smartest way with the best returns.