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What are the required documents for a loan?

  1. Authorized signature from the guarantor(s) and the customer before issuing the loan
  2. Copy of customer and guarantor National ID 
  3. Proof of customer and guarantor residence ( gas- electricity- water- landline, etc, official government paperwork)
  4. License or permit of operations, Tax ID, a copy of updated Commerical registry (minimum 6 months)
  5. Proof of paying back your loan (credit rating)


Green Microfinance

Due to their low adaptive ability, millions of microfinance clients globally and locally are among the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Hence, starting from 2023, our focus shall be directed towards providing our stakeholders with greater access to green loans and products.

Paperless Financial Operations

By digitizing our loan process through Neuron, we are eliminating approximately hundreds of tons of GHG emissions, which would have resulted from the use of paper in our branches.