We believe that it is our responsibility to comply with ESG standards, and to lead our industry peers in contributing positively to sustainability.

From our Founders

Ahmed Mohsen

Co-Founder and CTO

Mounir Nakhla

Founder and CEO

As the Largest Fintech Non-bank player in the region, we believe that it is our responsibility to comply with ESG standards, and to lead our industry peers in contributing positively to sustainability. Our priorities have so far been focused on our social impact on our employees and our customers.

Our mission is to support the underserved and marginalized communities, and to give back. Gender Equality is a human obligation if we are to progress as a species and collectively transcend as a global society. Women are the foundation and glue of our social fabric. They create balance and complete our complex world; yin and yang. Empowering Women has a proven and unmatched positive snowball effect on communities, families, businesses, and society at large.

This is why at MNT-Halan, we take Women Empowerment very seriously. It is a fundamental building block in any core product offering and actively measured, with Women being a primary focus as an addressable customer group. We are always looking forward to working together in breaking all historical societal dogmas and boundaries to ensure and provide an inclusive and sustainable ecosystem

Moving forward, we are expanding our scope to supporting green projects, through providing financing and utilizing our vast distribution network.

Our Approach

ESG, in our opinion, is not a compromise but a crucial component of building long-term, sustainable value. We think it’s more important than ever to incorporate environmental and social responsibility into our business operations, investment decisions, and value-creation initiatives.

This will enable us to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise over the upcoming years and support our portfolio companies as they keep up with the rapidly changing sustainability agenda.

Furthermore, we firmly believe that incorporating environmental and social responsibility into our strategy strengthens Halan as a company and increases the resilience of our portfolio firms. Halan’s approach to ESG standards is anchored in a strong belief in the core values of engagement, innovation, and entrepreneurship. These beliefs guide Halan’s actions as a company and as an investor in order to achieve its purpose of empowering individuals to establish sustainable leading enterprises.


Environmental Responsibility and reduced Climate impact


Social Equality and Good Corporate Citizenship


Sound Governance Structures and Economic Growth

Halan contributes to 8 SDGs

No Poverty

Gender Equality

Decent work and economic growth

Frame 1767

Industry, Innovation And infrastructure

Reduced Inequalities

Responsible Consumption and production

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Climate Action

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Partnerships for the Goals

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