Digital lending directly from your mobile phone

Providing financial inclusion

Digital lending starts from 50 EGP up to 3000 EGP

Directly from your mobile phone with the easiest payback period of up to 90 days

Easiest Procedures

Apply without any paperwork or a guarantor. Just apply with your National ID!

Safe & Secure

All your data is private, secure, and encrypted.

Fastest processing time. Receive your loan immediately.

Register an account- Apply for digital lending- Await approval in 24 hours, Recieve loan

No hassle to settle loan immediately

Up to 90 days to settle your loan

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How To Apply for Loans

Download the Halan App now

Go to App store or google play and Download the Halan App now.

Apply for Loans

Go to the Loans section, fill out your information and apply now!

Receive your loan

Our representatives will review your information and let you know when you can receive your loan! It’s that simple!

Questions and Answers

What are the payment plans for paying back your loan?

Installments can be paid starting from 3 months up to 36 months
Loans can be paid according to the size of the business

What are the required documents for a loan?
  • Authorized signature from the guarantor(s) and the customer before issuing the loan
  • Copy of customer and guarantor National ID
  • Proof of customer and guarantor residence ( gas- electricity- water- landline, etc, official government paperwork)
  • License or permit of operations, Tax ID, a copy of updated Commerical registry (minimum 6 months)
  • Proof of paying back your loan (credit rating)
Which industries does Halan finance?

Trader- Metalsmith- Serviceman- Agriculture

What are the requirements for accepting an application?

Minimum age 21- 65

Business has to be active for a minimum of 6 months

Valid National ID

You must have a guarantor or immediate family members that have proof of stable income in order to be eligible for a loan/credit limit

Utility bills ( Electricity slip, rent/lease agreement) and proof of permanent residency

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